Campus to Corporate Training


‘Catch them young’ is a phrase, which is often heard in sports circles. The refrain is used to highlight the importance of identifying the right talent at the right age to groom them for the higher level competitions. In the same vein, it is imperative that good talents with the apt aptitude and attitude are identified at the right stage of their careers and seamlessly transitioned in to a corporate career so as to guide and facilitate grooming them for higher responsibilities.

To facilitate Manufacturing Organizations and aspiring Engineering graduates get the `right fit’ to meet their requirements, Pro U have designed a Bridge program titled `Campus to Corporate transition’ certification to support the `about to graduate’ Engineering students.

This program assists the stakeholders

  • To evaluate and assess the career opportunities in different functions in the core industries.
  • To understand and analyse the competencies and knowledge requirements for each of the functional domains in the industries.
  • To understand their `core and latent’ competencies both in terms of attitude and aptitude, identify and `self’ assess & evaluate’ a career path based on the same so that they are able to leverage their strengths for achieving their career objectives and make a sustainable and rewarding career.
  • To facilitate Organizations identify the `right fit’ for each of their functions so that the placement is made ‘By design and not By default’.
  • This will help sustenance of business continuity and effective succession planning by grooming future leaders in the respective domains.